Smoked Paprika

Smoked paprika is, essentially, a smoked red sweet paprika. The comparative advantages of this delicious spice are both the specific type of pepper from which it is produced, and the smoking process, which provides a long shelf-life to the product till 5 years.

Smoked paprika has a bright red color, amazing tobacco sense and strong taste. It is both sweet and aromatic spice, as it contains the grated peel of the pepper. When the peppers ripen and turn red, they are collected and put in the special dryer – smoker to dry.

It is used in all foods when we want to give them a smoky taste. Sprinkle with smoked paprika the baked potatoes and the french fries, add it to omelets, risotto, grilled mushrooms, soups, trachana, legumes, shrimp, meat, burgers and meatballs, poultry or salads, eggplant salads or souvlaki with sprinkling pie at home.

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