Ground Allspice


Allpsice is the fruit of a type of pepper tree that grows in the Caribbean, mainly Jamaica. It’s cut before maturing and then let to dry in the sun. Its name is inspired by its flavor which combines hints of cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

Allspice was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus who mistook it for pepper. Yet allspice is much larger than a peppercorn and is roughly the size of a pea. In cooking it is usually used whole and removed after cooking is finished.

Like all spices in the broad pepper family, allspice has warming and anti-inflammatory properties; it also contains manganese and selenium.

One of the primary spices used in the cuisine of Asia MInor Greeks, it not only adds flabor to dishes and sauces but also activates the digestive juices thus helping prepare the stomach for digesting oily or “heavy” dishes.

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