Mix for Potatoes

Fried, roast, boiled, or baked potatoes are a favorite vegetable that find their way to the table almost table. Anatoli Mix for Potatoes transforms this ordinary food into something special with its blend of herbs and spices.

Sweet paprika, black pepper, and nutmeg inject a subtle note of spice and sweetness, while thyme and oregano add Mediterranean flair. Onion and salt are also part of the blend.

Sprinkle Anatoli Mix for Potatoes over fries instead of salt and toss cut potato wedges with olive oil and Anatoli Mix for Potatoes to give special flavor to roast potatoes.

Boiled potatoes, served hot or cold, become a side dish on their own when sprinkled with Anatoli Mix for Potatoes. Try in potato salad too. For baked potatoes, blend into butter or sour cream before topping.

Anatoli Mix for Potatoes is perfect for making healthful home-made potato chips: slice think, sprinkle with herb mix, and cook under grill on non-stick or lightly greased baking sheet.

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