Mix for Sweets (Smyrnio)

Anatoli Mix for Sweets (Smyrnio) is the perfect blend of spices for flavoring cakes, cookies, sweetened breads, custard, and even rice pudding.

This special blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves adds an imperceptibly sweet warmth that harks back to the aromas of the corner bakery. Ginger kicks up the flavor another notch.

Sprinkle Anatoli Mix for Sweets over crepes or stir into hot cocoa or warm milk, plain or sweetened with honey for a special treat. A scant teaspoon in coffee deepens its flavors and is the perfect substitute for sugar when trying to cut back on its consumption. Try it in tea, too.

Anatoli Mix for Sweets also pairs well with fresh fruit like apples, pears, and oranges and a sprinkle wakes up fruit salad. Try sprinkled over baked or stewed apples or quince.

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