Ground Coriander

The spice we know as coriander is nothing more than the seed of the annual plant known as coriander that grows in Mediterranean climates. The seeds have a distinctly earthy flavor and an aftertaste that combines hints of citrus and sage. Coriander has afficionados around the world.

References to coriander can be found in the Old Testament and it is also one of the main spices in cuisines of Cuba, Mexico, Asia and the Middle East where it is usually combined with cumin. Its popularity and its use in so many different cuisines makes it different to trace its origins except in South America, where it was introduced by Spanish explorers.

In several cuisines coriander is used in combination with other spices. In Greece, it’s used in souple, stews, and roasts. It’s also very popular in Cyprus. Some recipes call for whole seeds while the seeds are crushed for use in others. Dry roasting coriander seeds first intensifies their flavor.

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