Dill is one of those herbs we take for granted yet would miss terribly from our kitchen.

Native to the Mediterranean and southern Russia, the dill plant comprises a think stalk with a head of thread-like leaves. Greek cuisine only uses the herb although in several cultures the dill seed is also used for cooking. Dill has a mild flavor that resembles fennel.

Dill has been known since antiquity for its culinary use but also for its medicinal properties. It also enjoyed pride of place on the table during medieval times as it was believed to aid digestion, especially large or heavy meals.

This herb is widely used in Swedish cuisine, especially in cold, creamy dressings; it’s also common in the cuisines of central Europe and Russia. In Greece it features prominently in fricasse (braised greens with meat like pork or lamb in a thick egg lemon sauce), spring salads, savory pies made with greens, and meatballs.

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