In 1971, two brothers with shared goals and visions, decided to establish a wholesale company. What related Christos and Kosmas Chasilas was the interest in taste’s quality. Influenced by the myths and stories of the East where they came from, they decided to make their own start. It did not take long for them to come up with the name of their company, which could not be other than “ANATOLI”.


The main object of their activity was the trade of groceries (food, cereals, spices, aromatic plants, etc.) based in Agious Anargyrous area. In 1976, the company, realizing that the needs of the market keep changing, decided to turn into a small industry of processing, standardizing and packaging spices, aromatic plants and bird food, while moving its headquarters to New Philadelphia area. At the end of the same decade, the company added to its activities, the processing, standardization and packaging of egg’s dyes. Since 1983 the company is located in private-owned facilities in Metamorfosi, Attica.


The shine of the new millennium brings significant changes in the company as the family of Christos Chasilas takes over the lead of the company. Moreover, the company is again a pioneer in launching spice packages in the form of mills in the Greek market. At the same time, a new modern line of spices is created in a package of metal sheets made of tinplate. In the last decade, despite the economic downturn that hit the Greek economy, ANATOLI continued to gain share in Greek market.


It is also worth noting that the company, except of Greece, also exports to various foreign countries. More specifically, since 1995 it has started exporting its products to the Australian market and after a few years other countries followed – markets where there is a strong presence of the Greek element. Today ANATOLI exports various products to three different continents and in total of more than 10 countries. Indicatively, countries could be referred are Germany, France, Canada, Romania, Bulgaria, Denmark, Sweden, etc..