Meeting professionals’ needs

The PET series is for professional use only.

Specially designed practical jars aim at meeting the needs of the most demanding chefs. Packaging is simple and functional, while quality is maintained at the same high standards.

Solutions at the HO.RE.CA. exhibition bear the Anatoli brand.

Διατίθεται σε:

PET Sodium
Bicarbonate 1.2kg

PET Citric
Acid 1kg

PET Spearmint

PET Ground Black
Pepper 600g

PET Sweet
Paprica 500g

PET Hot Paprica
Flakes 450g

PET Cinammon
Sticks 400g

PET Cinammon
Ground 600g

PET Ground
Cumin 600g

PET Curry

PET Ground White
Pepper 600g

PET Mix for
Chicken 600g

PET Ground
Garlic 650g

PET Monosodium
Glutamate 900g

PET Mustard

PET Chili

PET Oregano

Catering Pack
Oregano 1g

Portion Packet Ground
Black Pepper 0.2g

Portion Packet
Cinammon Ground 0.3g

Portion Packet
Sea Salt 1g