Regarding the Quality and Food Safety Policy, the overall guideline of the company ANATOLI SPICES SA is ruled by the reflected principles of the Quality & Food Safety Management System. The Unified Management System is based on the requirements and specifications set by international ISO standards and current legislation. The main goals of the Quality & Food Safety System are:


  • The handling of products in a way that maintains their quality – safety, from their import to the final packaging and delivery to the customer.
  • The satisfaction of the agreed requirements with the customers, regarding the delivery (conditions, time), the type, the quantity and the quality of the products.
  • The continuous improvement of the production processes and the overall operation of the Unified Management System.


The overall application of the principles of the system is ensured through the continuous information and awareness of the company staff at all levels, with main purpose the creation of the relevant awareness of the company’s purposes and philosophy. The Management of ANATOLI SPICES has appointed a Management Team of the Unified Management System as well as a Coordinator of the Management Team for the supervision of the operation and its continuous improvement.

The above are documented and confirmed through the TUV AUSTRIA procedures.