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Cyprus Black Salt

Create an impression by rubbing Cyprus Black Salt
around the cocktail glass rim when making margaritas. 

Cyprus Black Salt

Cyprus Black Salt is actually flakes of natural sea salt and originally white in color. 

These flakes are flavored with activated carbon from the volcanic areas of Cyprus. This process may last for up to two years until the salt acquires the proper coloring and texture. 

Cyprus Black Salt is distinguished by its large, pyramid-shaped crystals. The presence of activated carbon makes it light salt with the mild flavor of Mediterranean salts. 

This product is not available.

fish, pasta, potatoes, eggs, vegetables

The color of this special salt creates an interesting contrast on many dishes, which is why it is used in fine restaurants as decoration or garnish for vegetable platters, pasta, or fish. For an incredible flavor experience, sprinkle Cyprus Black Salt over thin slices of fresh mozzarella. 
Cyprus Black Salt helps cleanse the body? 

Activated carbon does more than add color and a distinctive flavor to Cyprus sea salt–it also imparts nutrients and other elements that aid in the body's natural cleansing or detoxification. 

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