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Bretagne Grey Salt

To bring out the flavor, crush with mortar and pestle before using. 

Bretagne Grey Salt

Bretagne Grey Salt, also known as "fleur de sel" (flower of salt) is often described as the "king" or "cabiar" of salts and is especially rich in calcium and potassium. 

Harvested along the northern shores of France, Bretagne Grey Salt owes its hue to the coarseness of its crystals which retain the moisture of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Bretagne Sea Salt is particularly flavorful and pairs well with grilled meats, fish, and seafood. It also brings out the flavor of vegetables when sprinkled over salads. Bretagne Sea Salt makes a good gift for epicures and anyone with an interest in cooking. 

This product is not available.

meat, fish, pasta, potatoes, salads

Bretagne Grey Salt naturally complements the flavor of steaks, fried potatoes, salads, and pasta sauces. Sprinkle over salads with slightly bitter greens or raw anchovies before cooking. Suitable for curing, it can also be tossed with mixed nuts for a simple yet special snack. 
salt is vital for the human body? 

Salt is important for maintaining the fluid balance of the human body and a salt deficiency could have negative consequences for our health. Glancing through history, one sees that armies traveling on foot always carried salt with them to ensure survival. Some texts even note that Napoleon's troops died during the retreat from Moscow because they ran out of salt to help heal their wounds. 

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