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Persian Blue Salt

Persian Blue Salt makes a good finishing salt as its color
adds flair to the appearance of any dish. 

Persian Blue Salt

Persian Blue Salt's color makes it one of the rarest salts and is exxtracted from salt mines in northern Iran. Its blue tinge is the result of light refractions in its crystals. 

Because of its color, Persian Blue Salt is known as the "sapphire of the Himalayas". 

This salt's color is not its most unusual characteristic: indeed, the intensity of its flavor changes as it remains in the palate, slowly mellowing from strong to mild. 

Persian Blue Salt pairs well with all ingredients as it enhances their flavor and can be used during cooking all dishes. 

This product is not available. 
all dishes as it enhances their natural flavor

Persian Blue Salt  is great for special occasions and the perfect complement for gourmet delights like pate de foie gras and truffles. 
salt has had an impact on the growth of civilizations? 

Historians believe salt had a definitive role in the development of several cultures. Salt allowed nomadic populations to preserve food for long periods of time, something which eventually allowed them to create settlements. Through the years salt has been as valued as several minerals as the salt trade blossomed. Indeed, salt was offered by traders to foreign rulers as a gift. 

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