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Hawaiian Red Salt

 Sprinkle Hawaiian Red Salt over food and around dishes
for a subtle gourmet garnish. 

Hawaiian Red Salt

Hawaiian Red Salt is a famed sea salt rich with a number of beneficial properties created from the blend of Pacific sea salt and volcanic clay which imparts its color and flavor to the salt. 

Hawaiian Red Salt has a strong flavor and is a pure mined salt as it is not subjected to a cleansing process. It is considered particularly beneficial for people on cleansing or detoxification diets. Hawaiian Red Salt is used the same way as regular table salt. 

This salt pairs well with grilled meats, especially pork. It enhances the flavor of salads and boiled vegetables, adding a very slight crunchiness with its coarseness. 

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pork, beef, lamb, chicken, fish, salads

Hawaiian Red Salt is the traditional seasoning on the Pacific island where it's used on all meat and fish dishes. Try sprinkling over barbecued pork or roast lamb–or stirring a little into barbecue sauce. Mix Hawaiian Red Salt with your favorite aromatic herbs for a flavorful marinade. It's color also recommends it as a garnish: impress guests by sprinkling along the plate's rim. 
Hawaiian Red Salt has a low sodium chloride content?

On Hawaii, the clay used to produce Hawaiian Red Salt was used in traditional folk rituals to cleanse and bless tools and canoes, but was also used in various remedies for healing. Scientific studies found this salt contains just 84 per cent sodium chloride, which is a boon for human health, especially individuals suffering from high blood pressure, ulcers, or chronic indigestion. 

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