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Ammunium bicarbonate

Make Easter cookies lighter with a pinch of baking ammonia. 

Ammunium bicarbonate

Baking ammonia is a white crystalline powder that is water soluable and used as an additive in food. 

It's most common use is in baking and pastrymaking although it's more common in the food processing industry as a bulking agent and to regulate acidity. 

Once prevalent in bread and cookie recipes, baking ammonia in the kitchen has been largely replaced by baking soda and baking powder which produce the same result and are used to aid rising. 

baking ammonia is always dissolved before using? 

Baking ammonia's strong odor is one reason it's no longer as widely used as it sometimes overpowered the flavors of the other ingredients. But it still features in the recipe for Greek Easter cookies which are rather dense so it's aroma is less noticeable. 

(28 gr.)
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