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Senna Alexandrian

End your haircare routine with a senna rinse for natural shine. 

Senna Alexandrian

Senna alexandrina, the botanical name for the herb simply known as senna, is native to northern Africa. The plant has large, sprawling foliage that is comprised of pairs of pale leaves. 

Today it's cultivate in Egypt as well as India, Sudan, and other countries with similar climates. 

Senna is believed to ease constipation and is said to be particularly helpful for people who don't consume sufficient fiber in their diet. But if senna is taken daily, then it should not be consumed for more than two weeks without a one-week break. 

Preparation: Place a few leaves in a cup and cover with boiling water. Let steep for at least 4 hours. Strain and drink. 
cardamom, ginger, fennel

For a wonderfully flavorful tisane, add a little cardamom or ginger to senna as these spices don't just complement its taste but also add to its beneficial properties. 
senna aids detoxification? 

Senna's cleansing properties mean this herb also helps with detoxification. Indeed, its laxative properties is the main reason senna is often included in natural or herbal slimming products. 

(40 gr.)
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