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Mix of 4 peppercorns

Brown thinly sliced meat in a non-stick pan with a knob of butter
and mixed peppercorns; finish with brandy or wine. 

Mix of 4 peppercorns

Black, green, red, and white pepper are all produced from the same plant. The difference in their color is due to different harvest times and processing afterwards. 

Black pepper is dried fruit of the Piper nigrum, which is cultivated exclusively for the production of this spice. White pepper is its inner bud which is harvested later, while green pepper is made from buds picked before ripening. 

Blending four different types of peppers creates a different flavor, with more depth and range, than using one type of pepper alone. Try using mixed peppercorns in recipes like steak or chicken au poivre. 
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Black pepper has a strong, spicier flavor while white pepper is believed to be milder. Green pepper is also milder than black and more aromatic. Black pepper brings out the flavor in sauces, meats, fowl, and seafood. Red pepper can be used in salads and sauces but also to sprinkle over or around a dish as a garnish and for its aroma. Anatoli's combination of four pepper varieties offers the perfect balance and range of flavors. 
green pepper, like white, aids digestion? 

Green pepper has a sharper, spicier taste that imparts a feeling of heat and aids digestion thanks to a natural alkaloid known as piperine used in pills to ease stomach function. Studies also suggest that red pepper may reduce appetite and increase post-meal calorie burn, especially in those who don't regularly consume it. 

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