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Spice up chamomile tea with a pinch of mint. 


Aromatic herbs like chamomile, which carpets fields and slopes with its tiny white-and-yellow blossoms, aren't just part of the Greek landscape but part of a tradition of herbal teas and tisanes linked to Greek cuisine. 

Although known to Greeks since antiquity, chamomile is believed to have originated in Egypt. 

Chamomile tea is made from its mall daisy-like blossoms. It has a mild flavor and sweet, warming aroma. 

Preparation: Add 2 tsp. chamomile to a cup. Cover with boiling water and let stand for 5 minutes. Strain and serve. 
honey, lemon

Each herb has different beneficial properties, which is why on Crete they don't drink tisanes from just one but from a combination of sometimes as many as forty herbs. Make your own blend to taste; start with a mix of chamomile, sage, dittany, tisane, mountain tea, mint, and thyme. 
chamomile has antibacterial properties? 

Chamomile is known for its digestive and sedative properties but also has antibacterial properties. This action is so mild that chamomile is used in compresses or washes to clean the eyes, epidermal lesions, and other sensitive areas of the body. 

(35 gr.)
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