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Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt is recommended for curing foods
thanks to its larger crystals. 

Himalayan Pink Salt

Among the world's most famous salts, Himalayan Pink Salt is often referred to as "white gold". It is a pure, natural crystallized salt that has been subjected to pressure for over 200 million years. It's this pressure that has created the superior crystal structures that have trapped small particles which the human body metabolizes easily. 

The salt is harvested in the Himalayas where the crystals are rinsed in brine and left to dry naturally in the sun. Its delicate pink hue suggests the presence of iron in local sediment. 

Himalayan Pink Dalt has a strong flavor. Its negligibel iodine content makes it ideal for using with meat. Himalayan Pink Salt is also used in brine and as a table salt. 
meat, fish, chicken, vegetables

Himalayan Pink Salt brings out the natural flavor of most foods, especially stews or roast meats, grilled vegetables, and salads. Place on the table to impress guests. Himalayan Pink Salt can also be used as a garnish on food or around dishes. 
Himalayan Pink Salt has many beneficial properties? 

Buried under layers of volcanic rock for millions of years, Himalayan Pink Salt is considered one of the purest types of salt as it has been shielded from atmospheric pollution. Health professionals recommend it for use in cooking because of its purity and high content in trace minerals. Himalayan Pink Salt may help lower blood pressure, improve circulation, and detoxify the body. 

(90 gr.)
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