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Add to noodles tossed in a cream-based cheese sauce. 


Sage tisane is made from the harvested and dried leaves of the sage plant, a wild shrub with purple blossoms that grows on rocky terrain. It's believed to have several medicinal properties and is recommended for easing digestion and as a general tonic. 

Sage is consumed as a beverage but also used in cooking, both in savory dishes and sweets. It is a slightly peppery flavor and is often added to dishes with ingredients with high fat such as cream and fatty meats. It's also most commonly paired with thyme. 

Preparation: Steep 1 Tbs sage in boiling water for 5 minutes. Strain and serve. 
pasta, chicken, pork, cheese, thyme

Sage is valued for a range of beneficial properies. Prepared as a tisane, it has a strong, slightly bitter flavor. It also goes well with grilled meats and in marinades. Try adding to navy beans, white sauces for chicken, but also pork. 
sage is also used to make liqueur? 

Make your own aperitif or digestif: add 1/2 cup of sage to 3 cups of raki (or vodka) in a jar. Let stand in dark cool place for 1 week. Boil 3/4 cup sugar and 1 cup water into a syrup. Cool and add to sage and raki. Let steep for at least one week before straining into bottles. 

(25 gr.)
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