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Sprinkle over grilled chicken breast instead of oregano and lemon. 


Little-known in Greece but widely used throught the Middle East, sumac is a basic spice in countries like Iran where it is placed on the table next to the salt and pepper shaker. 

Sumac is made from the fruit of a plant in the Rhus family that thrives in semitropical climates. It has the blossom's reddish-purple color, strong aroma, and slightly lemony flavor. 
rice, grilled chicken or lamb, chickpeas

Sumac isn't used in dishes, except as an marinade ingredient, as is simply sprinkled on cooked food. Try this: mix a small quantity with olive oil, spread on bread, and heat under on the grill. 
sumac may aid against hypoglycemia? 

Scientific studies suggest that sumac may help with treating hypoglycemia. Other studies suggest it may also help in fighting diabetes. 

(40 gr.)
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