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Perk up tomato juice with a little celery for a refreshing drink. 


Celery is a Mediterranean plant known to Greeks since antiquity; indeed, they named one of their Sicilian colonies after this herb. 

There are several varieties of celery, which are distinguished by the size of their leaves, stalks, and roots. Celery can grow as tall as 40 centimeters while the width of the stalk and color of its leaves also differs according to variety. Celery is one of the few herbs where the entire plant is consumed–seeds, leaves, stalk, and roots. 

Its intense, slightly bitter flavor recommends it for pairing with blander ingredients like carrots or chicken. In Greek cuisine, it's commonly used in soups and with pulses or beans, but it also goes well with tomatoes, both raw in salads or cooked (although not tomato-based stews). 

celery may help reduce blood pressure? 

Celery is ranked among those herbs and vegetables that is believed may help reduce blood pressure. Research suggests that this property is due to active compounds like phthalides. Paradoxically, celery is also among those plants with high sodium content which has prompted additional research into this plant's effect on health.  

(35 gr.)
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