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White Pepper

Mix white and black peppercorns in the table-top pepper mill. 

White Pepper

White pepper comes from the same plant as black, Piper nigrum. The difference in their color is due to differences in harvesting and processing. Black pepper is harvested before the bud matures, while white pepper has been allowed to mature on the plant and is simply stripped of its outer casing. 

White pepper has the same properties as black although some people claim that its taste is milder. Pepper is always added just before cooking finishes to keep its flavor "fresh". 

White pepper is used the same way as black pepper but usually preferred in pale or white sauces simply for aesthetics. 

It's also used in pickling and marinades. 
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The bouquet garni is a staple of French cuisine. Take a cue and make your own "bouquets" with your favorite herbs and spices–for example, peppercorns, cinnamon stick, and laurel–by combining them in cheesecloth pouches. Add to pot or pan, then remove before serving. 
pepper aids digestion? 

Perhaps it's not coincidental that there is no recipe without even a dash of pepper as this spice helps control intestinal gas. Studies sugges that pepper's heat prompts the production of gastric juices necessary for digestion. Pepper also contains manganese and iron. 

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(45 gr.)
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