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Add a couple of drops to an open-faced feta sandwich
or to scrambled eggs with tomato. 


Chili is strictly for fans of spicy foods as its intense flavor yields very hot sauces. Chili in Olive Oil will wake up traditional recipes, like sausages stewed with peppers (spetzofai) with just a few drops. 

Flavored olive oil is ideal for cooking but also for enhancing the taste of a dish. Olive oil absorbs the spices flavors for a smoother, more intense taste. 

Chili in Olive Oil is perfect for spicing up any dish. 

It pairs well with beans and pulses; if you like spicy food, add a few drops to fasolada (navy bean soup) or gigantes (broad beans baked in tomato sauce) just before their cooked. 

(80 ml)
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