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Mix for Roast Meat

Marinate meat in a mix of olive oil, wine
and Anatoli Mix for Roast Meat.

Mix for Roast Meat

Roasts–pork, beef, lamb–are juicier and more flavorful with Anatoli Mix for Roast Meat. 

Black pepper, paprika, and mustard create a spicy base that is tempered by the subtle sweetness of nutmeg and allspice in Anatoli Mix for Roast Meat. The blend includes celery, cumin, garlic, and coriander–so try sprinkling over roast potatoes too if cooking in the same pan. 

Making a great roast is simple: just sprinkle with Anatoli Mix for Roast Meat and place in the oven. For a more intense flavor, whisk a generous amount of the spice mix into olive oil and rub liberally on meat, adding the remainder to the pan with a little water. 

Prepare potatoes to be roasted in the meat's juices by peeling, cutting, and rinsing. Drain, then sprinkle liberally with spice mix, toss with olive oil so that all potatoes are covered, transfer to baking pan and sprinkle with a little salt. 

(40 gr.)
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