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Mediterranean Sea Salt

Try cooking fish or seafood in crust of Mediterranean Sea Salt. 

Mediterranean Sea Salt

Mediterranean Sea Salt is one of the famous salts in the world because of its high magnesium content, which ranges from three to eight per cent. 

Mediterranean Sea Salt is harvested in natural salt flats throughout Greece and the Mediterranean. Virtually unprocessed, this salt retains almost all its natural nutrients and trace minerals as it does not undergo artificial bleaching. 

As a result of its crystal structure, this salt retains such vital nutrients as trace minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Though beneficial, salt should be consumed in moderation, especially by people with high blood pressure. Overconsumption can cause indigestion and even ulcers or kidney ailments. 

Sea salt has a stronger flavor than common table salt and should be used sparingly as a seasoning. It can also be used in brine or for salting foods. 
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A pinch of Mediterranean Sea Salt elevates even the most common dishes–and is mild enough to be added to some sweets as a subtle flavoring. Mix with dried herbs or spices for a custom seasoning blend. Salt is used as a natural preservative as it prevents the growth of microorganisms. Salt-cured meat and fish can be preserved for relatively long periods. 

in antiquity salt was valued more than gold? 

The importance of salt through the ages was such that its trade even triggered wars. During the Roman Empire, soldiers were paid with salt, while the ancient Greeks sealed their agreements with salt which they viewed as a symbol of friendship and alliance. Salt was also used as currency in some Asian countries while through the ages various civilizations have used it in sacrifices, usually scattering salt over fields to ensure good crops. For centuries, salt was the sole preservative used by humankind. 

(90 gr.)
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