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Mix for Chicken

When making breaded or fried chicken, add Anatoli Mix for Chicken
to breadcrumbs or batter. 

Mix for Chicken

Anatoli Mix for Chicken is a special blend of herbs and spices that adds flavor to chicken and seals in its juices. It's great for adding to marinades, especially nuggets. 

Turmeric, with its hint of citrus and ginger, combines with mustard to spice up the chicken, while rosemary and coriander add aroma and flavor. Parsley, onion, and salt create the base flavors in this spice blend. 

When making roast chicken, rub the bird inside and out with a mix of olive oil and Anatoli Mix for Chicken–and don't forget to run between the skin and the flesh, especially the breasts. 

Sprinkle the mix over cooked grilled chicken. For a quick but special dish, cut chicken into bite-sized pieces, sprinkle liberally with Anatoli Mix for Chicken and sautee in a little butter until cooked, then finish with a little lemon or brandy. 

(40 gr.)
(55 gr.)
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