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Add a little mahleb to hot cocoa. 


Mahleb is made from the seeds of the wild cherry tree and used almost exclusively in sweets. Its flavor has notes of bitter almond and cherry. 

It is particularly popular in the Middle East and widely cultivated in Syria and Iran. 

In Greek cuisine it's used mainly in holiday breakfast breads and is thus considered an alternative to Chios mastic although the two spices are quite different in flavor. 

This spice should be used sparingly as its flavor is quite intense. Try with fresh or stewed fruit. 
cakes, cookies, custards, sweetened breads, beverages

Mahlepi is a spice widely used in Middle Eastern desserts, but in Syrian cuisine is also used in a savory recipe too. Try this appetizer cheese: blanch cubes of sheep's milk cheese in water flavored with mahlepi. Transfer to jars, cover with brine and mahlepi, then store for a few days before serving. 
mahleb was originally used as a perfume? 

This spice's tantalizing aroma was first discovered by perfume-makers before finding its way into the kitchen. 

(10 gr.)
(10 gr.)
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