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Wake up plain pasta by tossing it with parsley
and grated cheese or cream. 


Parsley is native to southern Europe and grows almost everywhere. Bright green in color, it grows in stalks topped by tufts of curly leaves. Botanically, parsely is a member of the Petroselinum family. 

The ancient Greeks held parsley to be sacred. Accordingly, it was one of the plants used to decorate athletes at sports competition. The herb was originally valued for its medicinal properties but eventually also found its way into the kitchen. 

Parsley is highly nutritious because of its high content in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and iron. 

Because of its strong flavor, parsley pairs well with bland ingredients like fresh cream. When using in cooking, add to the pot shortly before removing from the stove to avoid bitterness or just sprinkle over dishes after serving.  
fish, seafood, vegetables, tomato, greens, cheese, garlic, lemon, lamb, rice

A parsley tisane is a traditional remedy for cleansing the body as the herb seems to aid the digestion of fats and proteins. This may explain its use as a garnish. Make your parsley tea by pouring 1 cup of boiling water over 2 Tbs. of parsley. Steep for about 30 minutes, strain, heat, and serve sweetened with a little honey. 
parsley freshens the breath? 

It's no accident parsley is used as garnish at most restaurants. Chewing on its leaves at the end of the meal helps freshen the palate‚Äďand your breath. Parsley is especially good at reducing the smell of garlic. 

(30 gr.)
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