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Tenderize meat by chopping some onions into any marinade. 


The onion is the bulb of a common plant that grows around the globe but is believed to have originated in Asia. The most common variety of onionis yellow but there are also white and red varieties. 

The onion features is practically every cuisine–and has done so since antiquity. The ancient Greeks valued the onion for its therapeutic properties. Indeed, athletes prepared for the Olympics by rubbing their bodies with onion. 

In medieaval Europe, the onion was a basic part of the daily diet along with cabbage and beans. Onions were in such demand and so highly valued that they were offered as wedding presents. 
tomato, vegetables, meat, bread, pasta, rice, beans

Dried onion can be substituted in any recipe that calls for onion. Just remember that 1 Tbs. is the equivalent of one small onion. 
the onion was worshipped in ancient Egypt? 

The ancient Egyptians held the onion in particular esteem because of its round shape and concentric "rings" which they believed symbolize eternity. They had such great respect for the onion that they even made created gold replicas of the bulb. Their devotion might not seem so odd if one considers the range of beneficial properties that modern research associates with the onion. 

(45 gr.)
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