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Serve fish with a sauce made by combining turmeric
with Greek yogurt or sour cream. 


Also known as "Indian saffron", turmeric is made from the dried crushed root of the Curcuma longa, a plant native to Indonesia and southern India. 

Although turmeric was introduced into Europe in the early 13th century, it use in the kitchen has only become widespread in recent years. 

In India the plant's leaves are used instead of baking paper to wrap foods in during cooking. 

Turmeric has a deep golden color; it has a mild aroma and a slightly hot flavor with hints of orange and ginger. 

It's used as a natural coloring agent in cheeses and other dairy products as well as in sodas and sauces. 
rice, chicken, eggs, lentils, seafood, pickles, cauliflower

Tumeric is one of the basic spices of Indian cuisine. It's used to add color and a little heat to dishes like rice. It's also used in couscous and sauces instead of mustard. Try it with chicken or stewed meats, as well as in lentils or mixed into fava. Use sparingly as too much wil taste bitter. 
turmeric is believed to be very beneficial for health? 

Turmeric's growing popularity and use in European countries is due mainly to a series of studies that suggest a range of beneficial effects. In traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, this spice is recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties while current research suggests it has strong antioxidant properties. 

(35 gr.)
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