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Grind 1 or 2 cardamoms with your favorite blend
of Greek or other coffee. 


Cardamom is known since antiquity and references to this spice have even been found inscribed in Linear B. It's the seed of a plant that is native to India but now cultivated in several countries. It grows at high altitudes and its harvest is slow, spanning from the start of summer through the middle of autumn. 

Cardamom is among the world's most expensive spices but a little goes a long way. It has a complex flavor and is especially popular in Indian cuisine for its blend of pepper undertones with hints of lemon, mint, eucalyptus, pine, and a slight floral aroma. 

The small seeds inside the bud are most commonly used in cooking; the seeds can be removed by gently crushing the shell. 
rice, meat, carrots, citrus, pumpkin, coffee, tea, lentils, chicken

Substitute cardamom-flavored sugar in cake, custard, and rice pudding recipes for a special treat. In an airtight jar, combine sugar with ground cardamom (1 tsp. per cup) and store for at least one week before using. 
cardamom enhances the action of yeast? 

Cardamom imparts a special flavor to cakes–vanilla, chocolate, or fruit. But adding a little cardamom gives more than just flavor as its properties enhance those of raising agents, making your cakes lighter. 

(20 gr.)
(5 gr.)
(5 gr.)
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