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Give oregano and break and sprinkle thyme over tomatoes
or Greek salad instead. 


For many Greeks, the smell of thyme in the air conjures the Greek countryside as this herb grows wild almost everywhere, from field to slope. The ancient Greeks burned thyme in their temples and considered the herb as a symbol of valor and courage. 

Thyme has curly, oval leaves which are greyish green on one side and white on the reverse. When dried, its leaves turn olive green. Crushing the dried leaves intensifies thyme's flavor and brings out its aroma. 

Thyme is widely used in the kitchen, but also known for its medicinal and antiseptic properties. 

Although thyme has a strong flavor, it pairs easily with other herbs and spices–and complements lemon particularly well. Add to bland dishes for a bit of kick. 
chicken, fish, lamb, goat, pork, potato, tomato, dishes with lemon-based sauces

Thyme is one of the most popular Mediterranean herbs and resembles oregano in flavor. It's used on steaks, in salads, and roasts. Try mixed with rosemary. 
thyme can soothe coughing? 

Research seems to confirm folk remedies that recommend thyme for respiratory problems. Soothe a cough with thyme syrup–make it by combining sugar or slightly diluted honey with 2 or 3 Tbs. thyme; after it cools, add a little lemon juice if you enjoy the flavor. 

(65 gr.)
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