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Freshen your home by placing small containers of mint leaves
in a little water over a radiator or other heating source. 


Spearmint is a herbacious perennial with a distinctive aroma whose leaves are used both fresh and dried. Known since antiquity, in Greek mythology it was associated with the nymph Menthe–from which the word 'mint' derives. The herb is believed to have both medicinal and cosmetic properties, while in the Arab world it is associated with eroticism. 

Spearmint has antibacterial properties which, combined with its fresh flavor, recommend it for use in mouthwashes and other dental care products. Hippocrates recommended chewing minth for indigestion while through the ages it often appears as a folk remedy for nausea and coughing. 

This herb typifies the cuisine of the Asia Minor Greeks, especially when combined with cinnamon in piquant tomato sauces and marinades. Mint is used in both savory dishes and sweets, and is quickly gaining fans as a tisane. 
greens, potatoes, peas, carrots, cheese, fruit, lamb

Mint is to Middle Eastern cuisine what oregano is to Mediterranean cooking. It has an equally strong flavor but with a barely discernible sweetness. Fill a small jar with mint, then add olive oil; store in the refrigerator and use sparingly in plain tomato sauces or drizzled over boiled potatoes, feta or other cheeses. 
spearmint reduced the effects of caffeine? 

Spearmint tea is a wonderfully relaxing beverage. One reason may be indications that it may contain elements that reduce the effect of the tannins and caffeine in black tea. A pinch in cocoa or coffee adds flavor and could help you enjoy these beverages late through the day. 

(60 gr.)
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