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After frying fish, remove from pan and swirl remaining olive oil
around with a little rosemary until it bubbles and thickens,
then pour over fish before serving. 


Rosemary is strongly identified with the arid Mediterrenean climate, especially Greece with its long coastline. This is evident from its name: a compound of moisture (ros) and sea (marinus). 

This herb is rich in nutrients like iron, calcium and Vitamin B. In Greek tradition, rosemary blended with olive oil has been used as a natural preservative for olives and other foods. 

In the kitchen, rosemary is used in a range of dishes, including stews with rich tomato-based sauces. Its flavor can be overpowering so it's best used with few other herbs or spices. 

Rosemary brings out the flavor in griled meats. Try on chicken or pork instead of oregano. 
fish, chicken, potatoes, lemon, garlic

Rosemary has a slightly tangy flavor and pairs well with lamb dishes, although it can be used to flavor beef and chicken too. Try adding to tomato-based sauces, sprinkling over pork chops or grilled chicken, as well as over potatoes and shrimp kebabs. 
rosemary boosts memory? 

Studies suggest a naturally-occurring chemical in rosemary oil may help against Alzheimer's disease. These may properties may explain the link in mythology between rosemary and divination and, in medieval times the herb's use as a symbol for marital fidelity and in some cultures as a symbol of remembrance. 

(60 gr.)
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