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Laurel (Bay leaf)

String bay leaves into a wreath for a natural,
and sweet smelling, table decoration. 

Laurel (Bay leaf)

Bay leaves, which come from the laurel tree, are one of the oldest herbs used in Greek cooking and known to Greeks since antiquity. 

Laurel is added to soups, beans, pulses, and stews. Fresh leaves have very little flavor as this herb's aroma develops during the drying process which lasts from four to six weeks. 

Laurel is both slightly bitter and subtly sweet, with tones of thyme blossoms and oregano. For a more intense flavor, crush leaves before adding to the pot. 

Although laurel is used mostly in savory dishes, it is also used in some areas to subtly flavor custards or rice pudding. Always remember to remove the bay before serving. 
chicken, fish, cauliflower, potatoes

In mythology Dafni, the Greek name for bay or laurel, was linked to the god Apollo and the ancients wove laurel branches into wreaths which they placed on the heads of winners in athletic competitions. This might not have been coincidental as modern research suggests that laurel has beneficial properties for the hair and scalp. For shiny, sweet-smelling locks, pour laurel water through hair after the final rinse. 
laurel is used in packaging raisins and dried figs? 

Laurel is recommended as a natural preservative for pickles and dried fruit.
A couple of bay leaves placed in the flour container also help repel insects. 

(15 gr.)
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