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Season seafood risotto with a pinch of vanilla, 1 bay leaf
and 1 slice of orange peel. 


Vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world after safron and is produced from the seeds of the orchid–a complex and time-consuming process as the spice's fragrance and flavor develop during the drying stage. 

This spice was discovered by the Aztecs who used it with cocoa. It was introduced to Europe by Spanish explorers who brought it back from South America. Today, the world's top vanilla producer is Madagascar. 

Vanilla has a distinctive flavor and aroma and imparts a subtle sweetness, which is why it is used chiefly in sweets. Powdered vanilla preserves its aroma better than liquid vanilla as the alcohol base evaporates during cooking. 

"French vanilla" contains eggs? 

French vanilla is a cream base used in pastrymaking. It's made from vanilla and egg yolks, while caramel is sometimes adds too. This rich, creamy pale yellow concoction has a particularly wonderful smell. To achieve a similar result in recipes using these ingredients, beat the egg yolks with the vanilla first and whisk in the egg whites afterwards. 

(1,5 gr.)
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