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Meat Supreme

Spice up burgers by kneading a few drops
into the ground meat. 

Meat Supreme

Meat Supreme is an exceptional blend of spices and aromatic herbs that works well with all meat. It elevates even ordinary dishes to the status of special thanks to the subtle flavors of rosemary, thyme, and pepper. 

Herb-infused olive oil is idea for cooking but can also lift any dish when drizzled over it as olive oil absorbs the aromas and flavors of herbs, for a smoother yet more intense taste. 

The blended spices and herbs in Meat Supreme are recommended for use during cooking as well as in marinades. 

Use Meat Supreme to brown chicken, beef, or pork. Rub on meat and let it marinate for a short time or drizzle on barbecue–or add a few drops to a dish after serving. 

(80 ml)
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