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Polishing Liquid

Polishing Liquid

The envelope contains polishing liquid for 30 eggs and cloves.
Ideal for all colors!
Non toxic product – approved for foodstuff.
  • The dyed eggs should be completely dried before polishing
  • Put on the gloves contained in the package
  • Place on your palm two sheets of kitchen paper or napkins
  • Put as much polishing liquid needed to dampen the paper
  • Spread the liquid on each egg seperately, making sure that the entire surface is covered
  • Add each time a portion of the liquid so that the paper remains wet
  • Place the polished eggs on a white plastic bag and allow them to dry completely
NOTES: 1) The polishing of the eggs must be acted quickly from the moment the envelope with the polishing liquid has been opened.
2) In case your hands get dirty from the liquid, wash with plenty of water. 

Polishing Liquid
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